Coronavirus: What you need to know

March 9, 2021

There are many questions and concerns about the coronavirus (respiratory illness) called COVID-19 and we want to help you protect yourself.

How to protect yourself

  • Continue practicing the 3 Ws:
    • Wear a mask
    • Watch your distance
    • Wash your hands
  • Practice correct and consistent mask use
  • Know the facts and learn about the benefits of the vaccine
  • Become familiar with what to expect after getting a COVID-19 vaccine

You can view more helpful tips for slowing the spread and not getting sick, as well as information about the vaccine from the CDC’s Covid-19 website.

If you think you are infected

Symptoms of coronavirus:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

If you are feeling sick with mild symptoms and do not need medical care, stay home while you recover. If you are sick and plan to visit a doctor, please call the clinic before visiting so plans can be made to prevent exposing others to the illness. For emergencies, call 911.

Additional resources

If you have more questions about the virus, the CDC has answered frequently asked questions on its website.

It is important to continue to obtain information, data and updates from credible health care sources on the front lines of studying the virus, such as the CDC.


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