Intraoral cameras

Quality imaging at an affordable price

For quality imaging at an affordable price, intraoral cameras are excellent devices that help you increase patient awareness, simplify patient education and boost care acceptance.

Using innovative imaging technology, Astra offers intraoral cameras that provide the crisp imaging that you want and meet your requirements around image quality, cost, portability and ease of use for modern dental practices.

  • Quality intraoral imaging at an affordable price
  • Works seamlessly with almost all dental imaging software
  • Easier to validate treatment plans and case presentations

Claris i5HD intraoral cameras are designed by SOTA Imaging to provide great image quality at a very affordable price. You’ll love the clarity of this award-winning dental intraoral camera, which works seamlessly with almost all dental imaging software.

When your patients and insurance providers can see exactly what you see during your exam, it’s easier to validate treatment plans and case presentations. Claris intraoral cameras give you:

  • Innovative 5-point focus wheel for precise focusing
  • 8-point LED lighting and hi-res CCD sensor
  • Easy one-click USB connection

You’ll love the way this precisely crafted intra-oral camera feels in your hand. The IRIS intraoral camera features an elegant, stainless steel design with a smaller soft-tip.

And, with 8-point LED lighting and Sony’s hi-resolution CCD sensor, you’ll always get sharp, clear pictures.

  • Lightweight, X-ray device designed for easy handling and stable positioning.
  • Optimal image quality for your intraoral X-rays.
  • Lightweight tube head provides users with a stable and easy to use X-ray source.

The ImageScan HD Wall Mount is a lightweight X-ray device designed for easy handling and stable positioning for optimal image quality on your intraoral X-rays which maximizes image clarity and optimizes workflow. The ergonomic design includes the following features that make it safe and easy to use:

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